hockey sticks icon

people icon5 vs 5 Arena mixed ball hockey

clock icon3 x 15 minutes periods

square footage icon16,000 sq. ft Arena

Summer Friday Spares

For Men and Ladies, you can replace your player by one that is 2 above or anyone lower. The bottom 4 players can go up by the amount that will give them a chance at 6 spare players. The top 4 players can spare for each other.

For Goalies, the top 3 may be replaced by anyone, but the bottom 3 must be replaced by one in the bottom 5. Goalies with * are to be considered only once you've given the regular ones a shot


Friday Spares

Men Ladies Goalies
Marc-Andre Lacasse Josianne Garneau Marc André lacasse
Alex Bélanger-Crévieaux Karine Hébert Jacob Schryburt
Antoine Bélanger-Crévieaux Elise Mulder Sonny Tam
Cody Campbell Nicole seguin Mathew
Benoit Lachapelle Katrina Potvin Jared Daniels
Roch Decoeur Nikki Perfetti Andrew Riff
Jon Mulder Melanie Lalonde
Benoît Delisle Chantal Lalonde
Alexander Perfetti Angele Levesque
Guillaume Auger Brigitte Boucher Karine Hébert
Patrick Weldon Sherry Mills 🤓 Guillaume Auger
Najid Mansoori Celine Bourgeois Steven Toste (Starting in July)
Mike Zaborski Tanya Di Virgilio Clement Dupont
Mathieu Tremblay Cindy Villeneuve
Alex Robinson Maureen Proulx
Jason Muscant Melanie Desgagnés(15)
Tom Woo Natalie Fortin 😃
Christopher Walker Karine Bosse
Pierre Lalonde Kathy Dube
Eric Brideau Yolanda Nandlall
Alex Loft Spare(21)
Mauro Tomietto Kathryn
Dominic Bouchard Jennifer reid
Andre Fortin Shay Mukadam
Quinton Harrison
Vinnie Lundon
Benoît St-Pierre
Ken Doyle
Clement Dupont
Jean-Francois Labelle
Corey Muscant
Justin Tynes
Denis Labreche
Yan Elgin
Richard Lalonde
Luc Bourgeois