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MCL hockey was created in 2007 by Matt Deodati and Steve Toste, the league then was called 4 on floor. It was a fun league operating on Friday nights, after a few successful seasons the owners decided not to continue organizing the reunion of great people. I really liked playing on Friday nights, but running a league was a bit more work than I was willing to sign on for.

My good friend MC who also like to play on Fridays decided to run the league with me. MCL was created (MC and L for Luc), also a common injury in ball hockey, Medial Collateral Ligament. Together we made MCL hockey a fun experience for all players. As the years passed MC had other interest on the go and left MCL to pursue his dreams. The league has since expended a little bit but it is my desire to keep it fun and challenging for many more years.

For those who absolutely need to give names to letters in an acronym you can say MCL stands for Most Convenient League, but having read the history you know that is not the origin of the name.

Have fun playing in the league.

Luc Bourgeois
MCL Hockey President

four ladies playing floor hockey
a group of people playing hockey
a group of people playing hockey near the net