hockey sticks icon

people icon3 vs 3 mixed ball hockey

clock icon2 periods of 25 minutes)

square footage icon3000 sq. ft gym


2022-09-10 - Season Starts Monday

The draft was held, teams are made, we are ready to go. Seasons starts Monday September 12. Please check the rosters and schedule for your team and game time.
Thank you

2022-08-24 - Fall 2022 Season

MCL Hockey was unable to Reserve the gisele Lalonde Gym for the Fall of 2022. We have reserved the small gym at Carlsbad for Monday nights. The gym is small so it will be 3 on 3, but we've increased the lenght of the games so you still get some cardio in.



Carlsbad Springs Community Centre


6020 Piperville Road, Carlsbad Springs
ON K0A 1K0