hockey sticks icon

people icon3 vs 3 mixed ball hockey

clock icon2 periods of 25 minutes)

square footage icon3000 sq. ft gym


2023-04-23 - We have a winer!!!!!

Congratulations to Tipsy Attack on winning the Monday night championship. The game was pretty equal until the Injured Reserves dug themselves a 6 goal deficit. The Reserve Rallied to close the gap to within 2 goals, but Tipsy Attack experience allowed them to maintained their lead to finally win it.
It was a hard fought battle, but nonetheless a very fun game!

2023-03-25 - Playoffs

Playoffs are a Round Robin format. Each team plays each other once. At the end, the top 2 teams play for the trophy and bragging rights, and the other 2 play for fun!
Good luck to all!



Carlsbad Springs Community Centre


6020 Piperville Road, Carlsbad Springs
ON K0A 1K0