hockey sticks icon

people icon4 vs 4 mixed ball hockey

clock icon2 x 20 minutes periods

square footage icon6,500 sq. ft gym


2019-12-08 - Finals take 2

Schedule is up for the finals. Googd Luck! Captains if you need spares, please try to get them from Shooting blanks as this is their week off and we'd loke everyone to be able to play. Registration for next season will open up on Saturday December 14 at 9h30am. First come first served. We will have 8 teams on Friday (if demand is really high, might look into playing at 2 gyms but no garantees)

****** 2019-12-06 - games tonight Cancelled *****************

The Gym Dividing Wall is broken in the deployed state. we therefore can not play tonight. apologize for any issues this may cause, but it is beyond my control!

2019-11-30 - Finals

Congratulations to Walk-outs and what the Puck Happened on making it to the finals (8h00pm). Good luck to all. Rootless it will be your week off. Everyone else plays for fun!!!!

2019-11-23 - Playoffs next round

Congratulations to Justin Time, Walk-outs, what the Puck Happened and Goal Diggers on making it to the semi-finals. Bardown it will be your week off. Everyone else plays for fun!!!!

2019-11-16 - Playoffs are under way

Bardown has successfully eliminated Victorious Secrets. We are now down to 8 teams. Victorious Secrets will be the team sitting out this week, but will be back in action the following week. Their chances at the magnificient MCL trophy may be over, but still lots of fun games left!

2019-11-03 - Playoffs starting soon

A season with 9 teams is a little complicated. But here is the system we'll be using for the playoffsPlayoff Format
Playoff will start on November 15.



École élémentaire publique Des Sentiers


2159 Nantes St, Ottawa
ON K4A 4C4