hockey sticks icon

people icon4 vs 4 mixed ball hockey

clock icon2 x 20 minutes periods

square footage icon6,500 sq. ft gym

Friday Roster

Couples Retreat

Player Email
Martin Leury(G )
Alain Godbout(C )
Ken Robinson
JT Fortin
Christopher Walker
Christine Morris
Dominique Robinson
Lynne Godbout
Marie-Rose Lebel-Macfarlane

Kicking and Screaming

Player Email
Sonny Tam(G )
Jon Mulder(C )
Benoit Lachapelle
Patrick Weldon
Vinnie lundon
Elise Mulder
Angele Levesque
Karine Bossé
Jessica Fiore

La passe ou Lacasse

Player Email
Marc-André Lacasse(G )
Antoine Bélanger-Crévieaux (C )
Mathieu Tremblay(A)
Alain Tremblay
Luc Bourgeois
Shannyn Johnson
Nicole Leclaire
Christine Moreau-Tremblay
Maureen Proulx

Mid Ice Crisis

Player Email
Jared Daniels(G)
Benoît St-Pierre(C )
Marc-André Lacasse
Alex Robinson
Eric Brideau
Nicole Séguin
Renee Emby
Vanessa Racine
Rosa Casares

Civil Disobedience

Player Email
Steven Deeck(G )
Justin Proulx
Eric dube
Tom Woo
Denis Labrèche
Alexandra Robinson(C )
Kathy dube
Lyne Martin
Brigitte Boucher

Hot Wheels

Player Email
Justin Larose (G )
Mike Zaborski(C )
Jason MacNair
Cody Campbell
Charles-Antoine Bissonnette
Jocelyn Mitchell
Sophie Filion
Cindy Villeneuve
Josee Villeneuve

Lalonde Inc. ™

Player Email
Jacob Schryburt(G)(A)
Alex Bélanger-Crévieaux(A)
Alex perfetti
Pierre Lalonde
Richard Lalonde(A)
Nikki Perfetti
Aurélie Bernier-Sastre
Melanie Lalonde
Paige Wilson

Quick with a Stick

Player Email
Daniel Croteau(G)
Benoît Delisle
Dominic Bouchard
Andre Fortin
Justin Tynes
Karine Hébert
Natalie Fortin(C )
Celine Bourgeois
Jennifer Reid