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people icon4 vs 4 mixed ball hockey

clock icon1.5 hours

square footage icon7,500sft


2024-04-18 - April 18, 2024 - no pickup games

There are no pickup games tonight, not enough players are registered

2024-01-14 - How Thursday Nigh Pickup will operate

Games are 7h45pm to 9h15pm. School will be accessible before that time, use the music note on the walkie-talkie to signal you are at the door if it is lock when you show up. Be dressed and stretched to start at 7h45pm

One-time Registration at registration so I have a way to contact you, and it includes the waiver for insurance purposes. This only needs to be filled in once

Weekly register at weekly attendance This is to confirm that you will be playing the Thursday you are signing up for. Please do this before 6pm of the game day

Fees will be $10 for the night, payable before you play. Cash to me or e-tansfer to No pay, no play.

I'm hoping this will self-manage itself, before coming to the game, look at the Thursday page, under the game day. If we do not have 2 goalies and at least 8 players registered by 6pm game day, assume game is cancelled, you will not be getting an email. I will only post a cancellation if its due to weather or school closure. So check the website, and don't forget to register



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