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people icon4 vs 4 mixed ball hockey

clock icon2 hours

square footage icon7,500sft - 10$ per night



no Pickup games until November. The turnout is poor, games will be cancelled until November, until a new approach can be found.
Thank you


no Pickup games tonight. Not enough players to have a game. Therefore tonight's gathering is cancelled
Thank you


If interested in playing please email that way we know if we have enough players to run a game. Should we not have enough players only those who mentionned they where showing up will be advise that there is no pickup hockey. You can still show up at the last minute without registering. We need at least 8 bodies. So please let us know if you are coming.
For security mesures, the school locks its perimeter doors at 18h30, if you know you will be showing up past that time please email us we'll give you a number to contact, to let you in
Thank you


Good day ball hockey players,

This season, starting Thursday September 12th at the School St-joseph D’Orleans (6664 Carrière St, Orléans, ON, K1C 1J4) MCL hockey is offering some pickup hockey. For 10$ you can play for up to 2 hours, we have the gym between 6pm and 8pm.

Teams will be made just like in the old days, stick in the middle and away we go. So please bring a white and a black shirt as you never know on which team you’ll end up.

Registration for this is not mandatory as sometimes you just decide you want to play at the last minute. You can just show up. We would appreciate an email though just to get an idea of the numbers. If you want to play goalie, please do email and reserve your spot.

For Pickup hockey please use the email

We will play games up to 5 goals, once a team reaches 5 goals, we’ll start a new game. Once a team has won 2 games (best of 3). We’ll put the stick in the middle again and make new teams. All adults are welcomed. We’ll use the same rules as a regular MCL league, no stick above the waist, non contact. As there will be no referees, please call your own faults. This is meant to be fun for everyone, not an NHL exhibition game.

Format for the evening



  • -gym setup and warmups
  • -Signage of waiver
  • -pickup game fees to be paid. (Jon Mulder to collect)


  • -stick in the middle and make teams

    6h15 -Start having a blast

    7h55- End of the evening, gym take down

    This is something new so please, if you have suggestion email me at

    Luc Bourgeois
    MCL Hockey President

  • Schedules


    École St-Joseph D'Orleans


    6664 Carrière St
    Orléans, ON
    K1C 1J4