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people icon4 vs 4 mixed ball hockey

clock icon1.5 hours

square footage icon7,500sft


2022-09-20 - No games on Sept.22

There will be no games on September 22. School has activities. Pickup will resume on September 29.
Thank you

2022-09-12 - Thursday Night Pickup is started

Pickup games are started, we are playing this week. Please show up, the more the merrier(Doors open at 6pm, start time is 6h15pm). Was just informed that on September 22, the school has acivities in the gym. There will therefore be no games on September 22.
Thank you

2022-08-11 - Pickup hockey is back

This season MCL hockey in partnership with HTBHL will host some pickup ball hockey on Thursday night at St-Joseph d'Orleans
MCL Hockey will run pickup from 6h15pm to 7h45pm
HTBHL will run pickup from 7h45pm to 9h15pm
Thank you



École St-Joseph D'Orleans


6664 Carrière St
Orléans, ON
K1C 1J4