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**All players must have completed a waiver/registration form before they are eligible to play.**


  • Teams shirts must be of the same color, white or black. Verify the website for your team color each week.
  • Although not mandatory, we suggest the use of helmets, gloves, shin pads, protective cup, mouth guard and a shield/visor for your own safety.


  • Regular season will have 1 referree, and playoff games that matter will have 2 referees (except on Wednesdays).
  • The clock attendant is considered an official, and may make calls if she/he sees something the ref has missed


    Regular season

  • Spares may only be taken from players within the league, captains should use the posted spare list. You can find your missing players on the list, you can then ask a spare 2 levels up or anyone lower. Top 4 players may play for each other. For lower players go up as high as it will allow you a choice of 6 players. I.e. if your player is 3 from the bottom, you could select a spare as high as 6 from the bottom. For goalies divide the group in two, the top portion can only spare for that group, bottom goalies can spare for any other goalies.

  • Playoffs

  • The only difference is your spare is anyone lower instead of going up 2 levels. Top 4 players may still spare for each other

  • At any time, if a goalie gets injured during a game, the team has 10 minutes to find or dress a goalie. Failure to do so will result in the game continuing and having that team play with an extra runner and no goalie.


  • Teams will be given a 5 minute warm-up period
  • Each team has one 30 second timeout per game.
  • We will stop time when the score is within 2 goals in the last 2 minutes of play.
  • Home team (Black jerseys) will have last change.
  • The referee and scorekeeper have the authority to stop the time clock if they deem it necessary.
  • Teams remain on the same side all game.
  • Teams must have 1 female on the floor at all times.
  • While killing a penalty, the penalized team must have 2 females on the floor (player in the box count as being on the floor).
  • You cannot have more than 3 men on the floor at any time. If you pull your goalie you can either have 3 men and 2 women or 3 women and 2 men. At no time can you have 4 men and 1 woman. In the arena for 5 vs 5 (if you pull your goalie, you may have 4 guys, 2females on the floor)
  • If your goalie isn’t ready to start the game you can either play with 5 players on the floor or we can run up to 2 minutes off the clock (real time to give your goalie more time to get ready). If you choose to run 2 minutes off the clock, the game will start at the 18:00 (23:00) minute mark and you will be assessed a delay of game penalty. Should your team still be short, the penalty will be carried over to the start of the second half.
  • Hand passes are only permitted from the defensive zone (center line) (Blue Line for Summer Arena)
  • If the referees are unsure of a goal or penalty, he can consult the scorekeeper at his own discretion. The scorekeeper can also request to speak with the referees if deemed necessary. After discussion, the call on the floor can be changed.
  • Since this is a friendly league, if the referee is unsure of a goal, he may consult the crowd only after call on the floor has been made. If the crowds opinion is unanimous that is the verdict, if not the call on the floor remains.
  • If a game finishes in a tie, we will have a sudden death shootout to a maximum of three people alternating between male and female (if one scores and the other doesn't than its over). If it’s still tied after 3 shooters, then the game will end in a tie.
  • If point standings are tied after the regular season, we will rank in this order:
    1. Wins
      Goal differential
      Goal Against
      Goal For
  • All calls are at the referee’s discretion and are final. Any abuse of officials will result in ejection from the game
  • All communication with the referee is to be done by captains only.
  • If you are bleeding, you must get off the floor.
  • If you get hurt and the play stops, you must get off the floor for one play.


  • Penalties are 2 minutes for minors and 5 minutes for a major. Penalties will start at the drop of the ball
  • Face-offs following penalties will be in the offending team’s zone, unless penalties are off setting.
  • Any player which receives 3 penalties in one game is ejected from the game (high sticking does not count for ejections unless your stick hits another player).
  • If the ref deems that teams are wasting time in between whistles (i.e.: substitutions) the ref is able to drop the ball on a face-off even though the team is not ready or asses a delay of game penalty if excessive.
  • Any dive/slide that causes interference with a player (in which you touch another player), whether or not the ball was touched first is a penalty.
  • Any dive/slide that may not interfere with a player but is deemed dangerous by the referee is also a penalty.
  • You are allowed to slide if no contact is made with another player
  • If your stick goes above your waist a penalty will be assessed.
  • Lifting a players stick is a good hockey technique, but be aware of who you're going against,
    • if the ref determines excessive force was use (penalty to the lifting player),
    • if the play looked reasonably safe from the referee perspective than no penalties will be assessed.
    • if the play looked dangerous from the referee perspective (either or both player get 2 minutes, you should always have control of your stick).
    • if the referee deams a player is trying to force penalty on the other team he may call that player on unsportsmanlike penalty.
    • if this gets abused, the referee will constantly call both players.

Penalty shots and shootouts:

  • Goalies have to stay in the crease until the player taking the shot touches the ball.
  • The goalkeeper may attempt to stop the shot in any manner except by throwing his stick or any object, in which case a goal shall be awarded.
  • The ball must be kept in motion towards the opponent's goal line, not necessarily just the net. Goal line extended is still the goal line, so it is still legal for a player to take the ball way wide to the side on a penalty shot. If the ball stops or moves away from the goal line the penalty shot is over
  • Players stick cannot go above the waist on a penalty shot. just like a regular play.

Additional rules

  • No specific changes

Wednesday (Fall/Winter/Summer
  • Since it's a small gym, if you can play the ball, the ball is in play.
  • To optimize play intensity, once a golaie makes the save he will drop the ball behind his net. Play will start from there, by his own team mate. Be aware of the two many man penalty if you're making a change. Goalies, if you need a water break, just hold on to the ball and have a drink. This rule is to speed up the game, if used to kill time, the referee will call a delay a game. I'm not listing all the nuances, just play with gentlemen rule in mind.

Friday (Fall/Winter)
  • If the ball hits the basketball net above the goal and fall in the area where the goalie is, the play is dead. Its a safety precaution
Friday (Summer)
  • Must have 1 female on the floor at all times
  • Offside (floating blue line rule)
  • If the ball hits the netting, the play will continue, if the ball hits the ceiling, the play shall be called dead
  • Icing (From the defensive blue line)
  • Icing, whistle blown as soon as ball crosses the red line, does not matter who's first. (If the ball goes within a few feet of a defending player or they purposely slows down, the icing will be waved off)
  • The team that iced the ball cannot change on an icing. A player can come off the play if needed but a player cannot come on the field of play to replace him until the ball is dropped. (The team will be short-handed on the faceoff.)
  • Shootouts will be a 2 on 1 format, 3 rounds, if it’s still tied after the 3 rounds, it ends in a tie. For playoffs after a tie we will go sudden death one against the goalie (regular NHL Style). The offensive players will start at the red line and the defender at the blue line, you cannot use the same person until everyone has had a turn. The players can make any plays they want, forward or backwards, but they will only have 20 seconds to take a shot on net