hockey sticks icon

people icon4 vs 4 mixed ball hockey

clock icon2 periods of 25 minutes)

square footage icon5500 sq. ft gym


2023-11-14 - Last week of the regular season.

Playoffs start next week. We will do a round robin, each team plays each other once. The top 2 teams of will play in the finals for glory and honors!

2023-08-07 - MCL Masters League

Starting this Fall season, MCL hockey will be opening up a new league, Masters league. The league will be open to players 40 years old and above. Some of us older people can't keep up with the speed of the younger generation. We still have our skills, talents, experience and above all else the love of the game. Therefore MCL is offering this Masters league for older players to still play the game at a level where they can keep up.
Season will start on Spetember 12, 2023 at Jeanne-Sauvé Public School



École élémentaire publique Jeanne-Sauvé


1917 Gardenway Dr, Orléans,
ON K4A 2Y7